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Flagnotify Widget

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This app is a WIDGET, it will NOT WORK if you do not add it to your home screen. If the widget appears but is "unclickable" a reboot should fix this issue.
If you are having issues with a state not updating, it's not the app, it's probably your governor not posting proclamations. Please contact me so we can resolve any issues.
Let Flagnotify tell you when you need to lower your American and/or state flag to half staff (or perhaps if you own a boat, half mast). We also tell you when to raise your flag back to full staff/mast.If you see something wrong, Email me, negative comments help no one. I currently can't scan for some states due to Governments not publishing the news in a consumable fashion.
Please note: Flagnotify does not currently cover MS & OR.
This widget is an extension of the service available from For active notifications as an email or text message, sign up at
Get your flag status and notifications right on your Android home screen!!
This app is a widget that supports the flagnotify services. If you don't know how to add a widget, please don't install.